Vision & Mision


SSM Cert is a Professiononal, Independent, Credible, and Full Access Assessment, and Responsibility Agency in accordance with international standards.


  1. Providing Professional, Independent, and Credible Service to customers
  2. Provide Full Access, as well as Responsibility to our customers in the establishment of management systems in accordance with International standards.

Company Quality Policy

  1. Professionalism in providing certification services
  2. Independent in providing certification services
  3. Credible Service in accordance with International standards
  4. Full Access in accessing customer certification requirements
  5. Responsibility in providing certification services

Flow of Certification Process

  1. Application for certification
  2. Review of application
  3. Document review and requirements (Stage I Audit)
  4. Field Audit (On-Site -Stage 2 Audit)
  5. Review and Verification
  6. Decision Certification
  7. Certificate Issuance
  8. Audit Supervision (Surveillance Audit)
  9. Certification Reform (Re-Certification)

Statement of impartiality and independence

Basic Principle OF SSM Cert is firmly upholding the basic principles for fostering trust and self-sufficiency that include:

  1. Impartiality in the certification process
  2. Provision of an audit team that is competent in their field and does not engage in activities that are contrary to
  3. legal freedom and integrity related to audit and certification activities
  4. Responsible for audit results conducted
  5. Creating openness
  6. Maintain and ensure confidentiality
  7. Quick response to complaints and appeals
  8. Not part of the company involved in certification activities

1. Impartiality in the Certification Process

SSM Cert upholds the principle of impartiality in the customer certification process. This is done to produce certification that conforms to International standards.

SSM Cert acknowledges and understands that revenue for certification bodies is from customers for certification activities undertaken, and this represents a potential threat to the impartiality of the certification body.

Therefore SSM Cert stands independently where all costs are the cost of SSM Cert in its certification activities whereby this is done to ensure that the principle of impartiality is retained by the certification body.

The certification decision made by SSM Cert is made and signed by the certificate decision maker who has competence and neutral, where the decision maker is not responsible for conducting the audit and not the member of the audit team.

Some threats to impartiality include the following:

  1. Self-interest Threat; Is a threat arising from a person or institution acting for his own benefit. The interest associated with certification which is a threat to impartiality is self-interest to finance.
  2. Threat of Self-Study; Is a threat arising from a person or institution that studies the results of his own work. A customer management system audit conducted by a person from a certification body that has provided management system consultancy may pose a threat in self-review.
  3. Threat of Familiarity (or belief); Is a threat arising from a person or institution that is too familiar or too confident with certain personnel than the audit evidence generated.
  4. Threat of Intimidation; Is a threat arising from a person or institution that forces customers to open or keep a secret a perception. Such a threat would replace the position or report to the management company.

2. Provision of a Competency Audit Team

SSM Cert provides an audit team that is competent in its field and does not engage in activities that are contrary to legal freedom and integrity related to audit activities and certification so as to provide credible and reliable certification. Every SSM Cert employee is required and given the opportunity to continuously improve its competence to become better and competent in accordance with International standards. Increased competence for all employees of SSM Indonesia is done by providing training, education and audit experience.

3. Responsible for Audit Result

Customer has a responsibility to be able to comply with all certification requirements that have been required in accordance with international standards. SSM Cert is responsible for accessing and conducting objective assessments accompanied by valid evidence and in accordance with international standards as the basis for certification decision making.

Based on the conclusion of audit result conducted by SSM Cert, a certification decision shall be made to certify or not.

If the evidence of conformity is adequate and in accordance with the standard and corrective action has been taken then it will be a decision-making certification by a decision maker.

4. Creating Openness

SSM Cert provides a public or public access to provide information appropriately and in accordance with its certification process, as well as to provide a company’s certification status in order to always gain confidence in the integrity and credibility of its certification, for example;

  1. Provision of certification,
  2. The expansion of the scope of certification,
  3. Reduced scope of certification,
  4. Maintenance of certification,
  5. Certification update,
  6. Certification freeze,
  7. Revocation of certification

Creating openness is a principle in accessing or exposing information appropriately to the public.

5. Maintain and Ensure Confidentiality

All employees bound to SSM Cert are required to safeguard customer information from any proceeds obtained from the conduct of certification activities and will not provide any information about the customer to third parties or to unauthorized parties, unless in writing it becomes a Requirements. All information and data that should not be published to the public should be confidential.

6. Quick Response to Complaints and Appeals

SSM Cert will always be open in the complaint handling process and customer appeal. Parties who do not trust customer certification from SSM Cert may request any complaints to be investigated. If the complaint is true, then the party is entitled to obtain assurance that the complaint is handled properly and resolved accordingly.

Quick response to complaints and appeals is an effective means of protection for SSM Cert, its customers and other certification users for errors, omissions or unfair behavior.

Trust in certification activities will be maintained if complaints and appeals are processed correctly and appropriately.

7. Not to be Part of the Company Involved in Certification Activities

SSM Cert will not be part of the company involved in its certification activities. SSM Cert will conduct a preliminary review of the application submitted by the customer, if in the results of the review found that the customer company is part of SSM Cert, then the application submitted by the customer declared not appropriate and will not be followed up for the certification.