Recertification audit process

Re-certification activity is one of the certification activity process conducted on a company that has been certified for 3 years, in this case the company has conducted surveillance audit or surveillance audit1 and audit supervision or surveillance audit 2.

Recertification is done in order to ascertain whether the management system implemented by the customer is still appropriate and well implemented in the company.

The scope of the recertification audit process

The Company demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the effectiveness and improvement of its corporate management system to achieve overall performance, operation of a certified management system, contributing to or not achieving policies and targets within the organization.

Expansion of Scope

The expansion of the scope of a certified company is an activity of the company to expand or increase the scope of work or activities of the company and add additional scope for its corporate activities which are then re-certified by SSM Cert.

To undertake an expansion of the scope of a certified company, SSM Cert will conduct audit activities to ensure that documentation and activities are operational for the scope to be expanded by the customer in accordance with the applied management system.

Reduction of Scope

The scope reduction activity is an enterprise activity to minimize or reduce the scope of work or activities of a certified company which is then re-certified by SSM Cert.

Reduction of company scope is based on:

Parts that can not meet the management system requirements imposed by the company;
Subscribers fail repeatedly or seriously to fulfill the certification requirements for part of the scope of the certification.

Certification Suspend

Certification activity or certification suspend activity is one of the certification procedures where if the customer can not or has not conducted audit audit or surveillance audit for the management system certification applied in his company caused by a thing.

Certification Suspend is based on the following cases:

  1. The application of a certified company management system fails completely to meet certification requirements, including the requirements of the management system;
  2. A certified company does not permit audit supervision or surveillance audit or recertification performed at the required frequency;
  3. A certified company requests SSM Cert to conduct a voluntary freeze
  4. Non-compliance audit results that have been made on the nonconformity sheet are not acted upon by the customer to perform cause, correction, corrective action and proof of corrective actions within the stipulated time limit and 1 month extension provided by SSM Cert.