Certification Application Review

After the request is processed by SSM Cert, it will review the application submitted by the prospective customer as well as any additional information required for the certification activity process prior to the audit activity that aims to:

  • Obtain detailed information about the applicant’s organization and the management system of the applicant whether sufficient for the conduct of the audit activity;
  • Ensure whether the applicant requirements for certification activities have been clearly established and clearly documented by the applicant, and there is already available applicant organization;
  • Ensuring the scope of the certification, location of operations or operational location of the applicant organization, the amount of time required to conduct complete audit activities and any other activities that may affect the certification activities have been taken into account, such as: the language used, the security conditions during the certification process, Impartiality, and others;

Against review of the application submitted by the SSM Cert is entitled to accept or reject the application for the certification filed by the applicant.

Based on the review of the application submitted to SSM Cert, it will determine the competencies required to be included in the audit team and the certification decision made.

The audit team is defined and comprises auditors (and technical experts when required), which among them has the overall competencies identified by SSM Cert.

The selection of the audit team is carried out by SSM Cert in accordance with the competence of auditors and technical experts covering internal and external human resources. Personnel who will carry out certification decisions are appointed to ensure the availability of adequate competence.