Audit Stage I

SSM Cert will recommend a phase 1 audit carried out at the requesting site to achieve conformity to the target set by the company. Whatever is done in the phase 1 audit activities are:

  • Conduct an audit of customer management system documentation owned by the customer;
  • Evaluating specific customer locations and conditions and conducting discussions with personnel from certification applicants to determine readiness for phase 2 audit activities;
  • Review the status and understanding of customers with respect to the requirements of the company’s management system standards, particularly those relating to the identification of company performance or significant aspects, processes, objectives and operations of the enterprise management system;
  • Conduct collection of important information pertaining to the scope of the customer management system, customer processes and locations, and aspects of the company and the laws and regulations and other requirements relating to applicable law, such as: legal corporate legality, Quality, Environment, Health and Safety from customer operation, risk linkage, and others;
  • Review the allocation of company resources for phase 2 audit activities as well as customer approval with respect to the details for stage 2 audit activities;
  • To focus on the planning of audit activities of phase 2 to be undertaken by obtaining and providing sufficient understanding of the management system implemented by the customer and the on-site operations;
  • Evaluating internal audit activities and management reviews that have been planned and executed by the customer, as well as the level of implementation of the management system indicates that the customer is ready to conduct phase 2 audits.