ISO 22000 : 2018

What is ISO 22000: 2018

It is a global food safety management system standard for the entire food supply chain, from farmers and producers to processors and packers, to transportation and sales. This extends to suppliers of non-food products and services such as cleaning and equipment manufacturers, and may also be applied by organizations of varying sizes. ISO 22000 underscores the requirements for food safety management systems including interactive communication, system management, and pre-requisite programs. This standard focuses on supply chain assurance, whether the principles of the management system have been implemented and in accordance with the HACCP principles of Codex Alimentary.

Benefits of implementing ISO 22000

Evaluation of HACCP system application in company
ISO 22000 as in the application of other ISO System uses the concept of PDCA (Plan Do Check & Action) so that all the planning in HACCP planning is properly monitored and handled. Any discrepancies that arise in the hazard analysis will be fixed corrective action and prevention so it will not complicate the company in the process of implementing the existing system.

Fulfillment of laws and requirements or regulations

One of the important things is in the implementation of ISO 22000 System the company is committed to the compliance of existing regulations and regulations. Then what is the advantage? Short-term investments may incur high costs, but long-term investments will be most appropriate as they eliminate the threat from consumer or government dissatisfaction to the quality and safety of food products.

Certificate as a business commitment

ISO 22000 certification is a form of physical manifestation of the food industry commitment that is really needed by the company. Where this commitment gives positive value in the concept of competition with similar business.

The existence of communication and competence development

The food industry is not only supported by human resources within the company’s internal concept, but also involving suppliers and distributors. The existence of the ISO 22000 certification program provides concrete evidence on the concept of communication and the development of human resource competencies that are applied and developed within the company.