Application for Certification

Companies seeking certification at SSM Cert submit certification applicants and provide information required by SSM Cert to determine the following:

  • Scope of certification;
  • General features of the applicant organization, such as the company name, company address of the physical location and location of the project or other location, significant aspects of the certification process and its operations activities, and any other legal or legal obligations applicable to the applicant;
  • General information according to the field of certification requested by the applicant, such as:
    1. Activities of the company;
    2. Human and technical resources owned;
    3. Relationships with other organizations;
    4. Information about all subcontracted processes is used by the organization and will affect compliance with requirements;
  • Standards or other requirements for certification of the applicant’s organization;
  • Information about the completeness of the document and its implementation
  • Information on the implementation of internal audits and management reviews
  • Readiness information to be audited