ISO 22301 : 2012

What is ISO 22301: 2012

ISO 22301 is an international standard for business continuity management. This standard management system will help you develop a business continuity plan that will keep your business going during or after a breakdown. Thus you will minimize the impact so that you can continue normal service quickly, even ensuring the main services and products can still be provided to customers.

The main benefit of ISO 22301

  1. Maximize quality and efficiency: ISO 22301 provides a framework based on international best practice based around ‘Plan, Do’ Check, the concept of ‘Act’.
  2. Flexibility during interruption: During a local or international disaster, your organization will have a business continuity process in place to ensure the continued smoothness of your business, or if you are disturbed will be able to get up and running quickly and efficiently in order to ensure minimum disruption to the service you Offer.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Ensure client trust through ISO 22301 certification of internationally recognized standards while gaining new opportunities and winning new business.
  4. Organizational Improvements: The BCM certification provides you with a clear understanding of your entire organization. This can give you new opportunities for improvement.
  5. Continuous internal upgrading through audits: During the certification process you will participate in regular audits that ensure your management system is up to date.
  6. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Show that you meet the requirements of local laws and regulations for all of your stakeholders
  7. Cost savings: Your organization may be able to reduce internal and external BCM audit costs, and to improve financial performance and reduce business interruption insurance premiums.
  8. Maintaining an Optimum Shipping Client Level: The BCMS framework supports a strengthened management process that allows you to supply an agreed level of critical services and products within a certain time period after interruption to your clients.
  9. Strengthen your internal management: A BCMS provides proven management capability during peak times.
  10. Reputation Management: ISO 22301 Certification reinforces your commitment to providing a premium level of service to your stakeholders, even during adverse conditions.