ISO 22000 : 2018

What is ISO 22000: 2018 It is a global food safety management system standard for the entire food supply chain, from farmers and producers to processors and packers, to transportation and sales. This extends to suppliers of non-food products and services such as cleaning and equipment manufacturers, and may also…

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ISO 22301 : 2012

What is ISO 22301: 2012 ISO 22301 is an international standard for business continuity management. This standard management system will help you develop a business continuity plan that will keep your business going during or after a breakdown. Thus you will minimize the impact so that you can continue normal…

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ISO 13485 : 2016

What is ISO 13485: 2016 It is the most accepted quality management system standard worldwide for the medical devices industry. This standard is based on ISO 9001, but includes additional requirements specific to the business sector of medical equipment / medical devices. Implementation of ISO 13485 can help reduce unexpected…

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ISO 27001 : 2013

What is ISO 27001: 2013 The latest ISO 27001: 2013 certification is a certification given to organizations or companies on a large or small scale. The standards applied to the organization or company can prevent the occurrence of leakage of important information. So, this standard is applied so that important…

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ISO 50001 : 2011

What is ISO 50001: 2011 ISO 50001 is a new international energy management system (EnMS). This is the first global energy management system after many standards are issued in national and regional scopes such as EN 16001. ISO 50001 EnMS is based on a management system model that has been…

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ISO 45001:2018

What is ISO 45001: 2016 The ISO 45001 standard includes the requirements of the health and safety management system (SMK3). The contents of international standards are similar to those of OHSAS 18001. The ISO 45001 standard is prepared with reference to using reference OHSAS 18001: 2007. Some of the benefits…

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